Charity Auction

Redhawks Gaze Charity Auction

The proceeds from this auction will go to benefit the American Diabetes Association.  A few auction rules.

1) All auction bids must be placed by e-mail at the link listed.

2) If you are the winning bid, you will be notified by e-mail with PayPal link and a request for appropriate address to send the item.

3) Winners are responsible for appropriate shipping charges.

4) Payment will be made via PayPal.  Once payment is recieved, the item will be shipped to the address given by the winner.

5) All auctions close in 2 weeks from the date started.

1) Parasite Eve for PS1 (10/3/2011) – This is one of the first run US versions of Parasite Eve. As with most first run PS1 games, it has the black label on the left side of the front cover.  Besides the two game discs, this also includes “SquareSoft on PlayStation 1998 Collector’s CD Vol.1”, which has demos/trailers of several other games including Final Fantasy VIII.

Bidding Starts: $10
Bidding Link

2) Final Fantasy VII for PS1 (10/2/2011) – This one is one of the first released Final Fantasy VII games in the US.  It has the original black label on the left hand side of the case.  It comes with all 3 game discs and the instruction manual.  It does NOT have the mis-spelling on the back of the case.  This is truly a collector’s item.

Bidding Starts: $15
Bidding Link

3) Sony Plastation 3 Original 60 GB System (10/1/11) – This is the backwards compatible, day 1, original Sony Playstation 3 original system.  It has the card readers, the 4 USB slots, and built in wirelss.  It comes with one controller, power cable, and HDMI cable (which did not come with the original system).

Bidding Starts: $60.
Bidding Link


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