Rift Warfront Series – Part 4: The Battle of Port Scion

Many Rifts Players in Port of Scion is Confused

The Port of Scion is probably the most unique of the warfronts in Rift.  The best way I can describe it is part node capturing, part capture the flag, and part PvE.  It is possible to win the warfront by doing any two of them.  All three are not required to win this map.  With the strategy for this map, I prefer to think in terms of plan A and plan B.  You would prefer to win the game via plan A, but plan B is viable if plan A fails.  If all else fails, there is a plan C, but it is a desperation tactic.

Plan A – The Quick Win: The quickest way is for the entire raid to go to the opponent’s closest idol/pillar and destroy it.  Once it is destroyed, wait for the mini-boss to come and try to rebuild it and kill them.  Repeat the process at the second idol/pillar.  You can get the bridge if possible, but you shouldn’t focus on it.  After idols/pillars are down, move as a raid to the opponent’s boss and kill him.  Once he is dead, game over and instant win.

However, there are several things can go wrong in this plan.  The most obvious problem is that you are wiped by a few members of the other team.  You can be wiped at any aspect of it.  The second major problem is if all the team is not on the same plan.  The third biggest problem is if the other team rushes your boss.  This means you have to split your team up.  This is why the quickest path almost never works unless you are in a pre-made.  This is where plan B comes into play.

Plan B – The Semi-Turtle:  This plan involves separating into essentially 3 teams.  One team is a defensive team, one is an offensive team, and one is a shard running team.  The defensive team is set with defending the bridge and any rushes on the boss.  They are also responsible for incomings into the team’s boss.  The offensive team is responsible for trying to destroy idols/pillars and the mini-bosses.  If things go well, you may be able to move on the opponent’s boss, but you will likely need the entire raid to kill him.  The shard running team is responsible for holding the church and running the shards to your boss.  At this point, if all the parts are working, you will win by carrying crystals.  If this plan is failing, there is a desperation plan C.

Plan C – Zerg: If your opponent has a huge lead, your final option would be to group up and raid rush the boss.  Hopefully, your opponent’s defensive team is weak and you will be able to down the boss.  This does not work really well, but it may be enough to pull a team off their plan and move their focus to their boss and protecting him.

This map is probably the most fluid of all the warfronts.  It takes coordination and a raid willing to work together to come away with a win.

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