Rift Warfront Series – Part 3: Library of the Runemasters

Although it was not even out yet when I started the warfront series, I want to go ahead and give the strategies for Library of the Runemasters.  Mainly because it plays very much like Black Garden, but has a few great differences that I will go through.

1) Relic Positioning – From what I can tell, the relics that you are carrying in this warfront are on the outer edges of the battleground, which can be best described as a three tier circle.  Tier 1 is the outside circle under the center platform.  Tier 2 is the center platform.  Tier 3 is the outside circle above the center platform.  It appears that they always appear on tier 3.

2) After Relic Positioning – In Black Garden, I talked about staying in the center and moving to your edge as you start losing health.  In Library, it is almost the exact opposite.  Once you get a relic, you should try to hold the tier 2 center position.  Why you ask?  It allows a central place to heal all the people carrying relics.  It allows you to hold a relic much longer. (My record so far is holding a relic for 2 minutes before dying.)  There are a total of 6 relics at any one time. (Although we got accolades for holding all the relics at 4.)

3) Aggressive Offense versus Aggressive Defense – If you team does not have the tier 2 center platform, you are pretty much forced into an aggressive offensive position.  Even if you hold the relics, the other team is coming after you and eventually, you will die and a new relic will spawn.  If they have the center platform, once you do die, they will have the advantage.   If you hold the center platform, you have a choice.  You can go out and kill the people on the other team who has relics.  However, you can also stay at the center platform, play defense and let them come to you, and then you kill them.  This is especially true if you hold the majority of the relics.  Then when either team loses their relic, you are also in the best position to get the next relics that spawn because you have the only connecting stairs to tier 3.

4) Use Line of Sight – Having a multi-tier warfront is incredible for line of sight.  It is even better considering you do not take fall damage.  If you just grabbed a relic, but you are surrounded, your best move is to likely jump down to tier 1 and hope your healer follows.  This gives you a split second to catch your breath and get healed/buffed up.

5) Team Splitting – If I was making a pre-made, I would have my support classes and healer classes in charge of getting the center platform and have the DPS get the relics.   If the support/healers can’t claim the center, but you can get the relics, DPS should move to the center and help.  If you have the center but can’t get a relic, support classes should try to hold the middle and healers should help out the DPS on tier 3.  If my team had the majority of the relics, regardless of whether the center position was our, I would group up our relic holders with the heals and then attack the center platform.  If I had a minority, I would go hunting for their healers and then them.  Chances are, they are trying to hold the center platform so it puts you in a good position if you can beat them and get the center platform.

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