Patch 1.5 – Most Wonderful Patch…So Far

My reaction to Rift Patch 1.5

I was excited about the stuff that was coming out in 1.5. From the Chronicles to the Warfront Accolades, I was excited going into it. However, now that I have been in the patch for a bit, I love this patch.

First off, I am so glad I have a reason to run expert rifts, raid rifts, and invasions again. I am constantly keeping my eye on my level 50 chat to see when an invasion pops up so that I can go. I also keep an eye out for any daily raid rift groups or expert rift groups forming to get in with them.

In relation to that, I love the fact that there is only one sourceshard for collecting in the game and that they have added gear to work towards. Really, the main thing I need are the Synergy Crystals from the planar vendors for the raid gear. With my current Champion/BM/Rift spec, I’m thinking of getting the BM Synergy Crystal to get more damage with Fierce Strike. I may also get the Champion Synergy Crystal for AoE damage increase and switch them out as needed.

In relation to rifts and quest, I love the new Planar Attunement. It gives me a great reason to continue doing dailies and quest as well to keep getting experience towards that. You also get a butt load of experience in doing the new Chronicles. If you got any experience vials, use it at the beginning of the Attunement Chronicles. You get a great amount of experience very early.

Speaking of Chronicles, I have tried to solo both of them as a DPS warrior. What is weird is Hammerknell is actually easier then Greenscales Chronicle. Mainly because I have beat all the raid bosses in Greenscale and only downed Murdantix in Hammerknell. However, I couldn’t get past Oracle in the Greenscale Chronicles and I completely finished Hammerknell.

With the regards to PvP, I love the new Warfront Accolades. It is so awesome to hear someone is on a kill streak or a juggernaut. Now, it is never me as an almost Prestige Rank 4, but I do like hearing it. (Also, yes, I will be getting back to the PvP series, I just had to brag about how much I love 1.5.)

In terms of add-ons. I appreciate that they are in the game now. However, I haven’t found one that I love yet. They are very crude right now. If you are gonna do addons, I would say wait for about a month to get them to fine tune them, then get them.

And for crafting, I really regret making the Orichalcum Shell early on Wednesday morning. Especially after I found out they decreased the number of Eternal Planar Dust required. However, I am looking forward to cheaper Crafting Lures. I also appreciate they made the plaques universal. Now, if they just make the plaques bind on account and make it where I could send them to my level 6 bank alt that is a level 300 runecrafters and artificer.

Overall, I love this patch. I really love this patch so much. I can’t wait for the world event to start and for the new warfront to open up. Finally, bravo to Trion for the best patch of the game so far.

Finally, I mentioned the Redhawks Gaze Celebrity Auction for the American Diabetes Association. I have put the first item up for bids, which is the Playstation 3. I encourage you to bid on it as the proceeds will be going to the American Diabetes Association.

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