Redhawks Gaze 200th Post Celebration

Well, I never thought over a year ago that I would finally hit this milestone.  What a long strange journey it has been.  Since starting this blog about WoW on April 14th, 2010, I have switched from a PvE focus to a PvP focus to a mixed focus, switched from WoW to Rift, switched from Blogger to WordPress, switched from being independent to being a part of the Grooms Blogging Group, and switched from being single to be married to a wonderful woman.

In this time frame, we have had over 40,000 visits and over 50,000 pageviews.  This is the 200th post in 512 days, which comes up roughly to a new post every 2.5 days.  I have done 3 podcast, all about WoW (And LeetSauced, I’m still waiting to complete the trilogy of awesomeness.)  Also, I’m more than open to coming on any Rift podcast as well.

First off, I want to say thank you.  All of these things would not have been possible without you.  And I know that not every single person ever made comments, but I do know it was looked at, and for that, I thank you. I also want to thank the people who stuck with me through the WoW/Rift change.  If you are more of a WoW player, don’t worry.  I’m sure I will be talking about WoW news as well.  It just will tend to be focused on Rift a little more.

Second, the best way I figured to give back for the great reception of both communities is to do something that is close to my heart and allow you to give as well.  As a pharmacist, I work with diabetic patients every single day.  Because of this, I’m closely associated with the American Diabetes Association.  I have presented research articles as well as been to a few of their conferences.  I’m sure that every person who reads this blog knows someone affected by diabetes.  This is why I would like the Redhawks Gaze community to help give to the American Diabetes Association.

The way I would love your help is to participate in the Redhawks Gaze 200th Post Charity Auction.  Proceeds from this auction will be going directly to the American Diabetes Association.  You may have noticed the auction page at the top of the site.  What you are going to find there for the next upcoming month is a bunch of video game items that you will be able to bid for on eBay once I build the listings.  Here is just a few of the items that you will be able to bid on:

1) An Original 60 GB Playstation 3 – The backwards compatible version released day 1 in the US. 

2) Final Fantasy VII for Playstation – The original game in great condition with the Playstation black label.  Unfortunately, it does not have the misspelling on the back cover, but still a valuable piece for any collector.

3) Parasite Eve for Playstation – Same as with Final Fantasy VII. Black label original Playstation One.

4) Bunches of PS1, PS3, and Xbox 360 Games – Great chances for some great bargains here.

5) Something Really Special – I can’t mention it here, but it is something you would want if you love Starcraft, Diablo, or World of Warcraft.  All in One Bundle with Two Collector’s Editions.   

So I encourage you to give.  Remember that it is for a great charity and will go to help out many patients suffering with diabetes.

So again, thank you for a wonderful reception and thank you for helping me to make it to 200 blog post.   

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