Rift Warfront Series: Part Two – Black Garden

In the second part of the Rift Warfront Series, we cover the first warfront you encounter in the game,the Black Garden.  This hectic game of keep away is one of the more innovative warfronts in Rift.  Here are the major strategies behind it:

1)      Scoring – The major tactic to this map is knowing how to score the most points as quickly as possible.  The closer you are to the center of the map, the more points you score.  This means when you have more health or cooldowns, stay as close to the center as possible.  If you are running low on health, run closer to your base where you have more of a strategic advantage.  Usually the best place is behind the tree on the left with a healer and a couple other players who are ready to pick it up when you inevitably die.

2)      AoE is Huge – AoE is strategically important in this map.  A well placed AoE can prevent an opponent’s teammate from picking up the fang.  If you can prevent them from picking up the fang, you place yourself in an advantage because of strategy number 3, which is…

3)      Take Advantage of Resets – If you are trying to get the fang from an opponent, resets are usually your friend.  Since most other teams will move back towards their base as their carrier is dying, they are away from the center of the map, which gives you the advantage in the next carry.

4)      Pay Attention to Fang Carrier’s Health – The game is convenient in the fact that it shows you the carrier’s health during the match.  Regardless whether your faction has the fang or not, the strategy is similar.  When it gets lower, start moving towards the carrier to either AoE to force a reset or to be ready to pick up the fang for your side.

5)      Healer Play – The major factor that determines how long your side has the fang and ultimately the outcome is the healers.  This means if you are on offense, you try to kill the carrier’s healers.  If you are on defense, you kill people targeting your healers.

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