Rift Warfront Series – Part 1: The Codex

For the next few blog post (with the exception of post 200, which is gonna be a special post), I want to go through each of the Rift’s warfronts and the strategy necessary to win each.  The way I’m going to present each of these is through a list of rules for each warfront that you should follow at all times.  So let’s get started with probably my favorite (and the bonus benefit warfront this weekend on Sunrest), which is Codex.

1) Know Node Values – If you are coming from some other MMORPGs that have a similar set up to this warfront, you may think each of the nodes in the Codex hold an equal value.  This is not the case.  Your main objective in this warfront is to hold Codex + 1 other node.  Which node is dependent on your faction.  Also, it can change based on the flow of the game.  However, Codex is always your number one priority.  That is why a good strategy is to have most of your team rush Codex first.  If you are Defiant, you can pick up Transition Scope along the way.  If you are Guardian, you can pick up Statue along the way.  However, with both teams, Codex is your number one pick up.  If you win Codex early, you can win this warfront 80% of the time.

2) Defend your nodes – You can usually tell which team is losing because the team that is losing is usually zerging nodes.  Your defense should be broken down along these rules.  50% of your team should be at Codex if you are defending it.  If you aren’t, send 90% of your team to  capture it.  25% of your team should be defending the all important second node.  While I have not independently confirmed this, you cannot win just by holding Codex.  The other 25% of your team should be the moving team.  They can attack a third node to keep some attackers there or they can come help Codex if the other team sends all their people.

3) Do Not Rush The Opponents Graveyard – This is not other games where everybody only has one way to go to get out and you can keep everybody there if you 4 cap them.  They have multiple escape routes and will be able to get around you which means you may not leave your nodes open or you wil be in serious trouble.

4) Healers Are Always Defense – The only exception to this rule is if Codex is not in your possession.  If you have Codex plus at least one other node, your healers should stay on defense.   There is nothing more disheartening then having a node taken because two warriors couldn’t beat 3 opponents because they had no heals.

5) Save the Vault Until Last – The Vault’s node is so far away from where the main action is, it should be the last of your priorities.   It is still good to capture it, but try to get Codex first and foremost.

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