Header Contest – The Final Three

Thanks to everybody who entered the Header Contest for the site.  As promised, I am going to announce the top 3 place finishers for the Header Contest and will tell you how to vote for the winner.

Finalist #1
Click Through To See Full Size
Finalist #2
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Finalist #3

Click Through To See Full Size
There are your three finalist for the contest.  Here is how the voting will occur.  Thanks to MicroPoll, I have set up an online poll on the bottom of the page.  I have set it up to only vote once per IP address to not allow multiple votings by a few people.  I’m also not listing who made which one to avoid any popularity contest until after the winner is chosen.  I want it to be based solely on the work they did.  So to the finalist, good luck.  May the best header win.  Voting wil close 2 weeks from today.   

stLight.options({ publisher:’18355ba4-a04c-4a33-a76f-847aadfc0f80′, onhover:false });
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4 Responses to Header Contest – The Final Three

  1. Drezleith says:

    Just curious, how many entries did you receive?Congratulations to whoever wins, all three entries deserved to be amongst the finalists. :3

  2. Redhawks says:

    @DrezleithThere was a total of 5 different banners submitted; however, three of them were from the same person. So the other two people got in automatically and I had to choose between the 3 from the one person which banner was going to be the one that was going to be in the running for the prize.

  3. Viktory says:

    where's the clown face one?

  4. Redhawks says:

    @ViktoryI'm afraid to ask this, but what clown face? I checked both my mailbox and my spam mailbox and I did not have a clown face banner. I would love to see it though.

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