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Moonkin Meta Conundrum (a.k.a What To Do Until 4.1?)

Last night, I finally picked up enough JPs after a couple instance runs to pick up the Cluster of Stars, my leather helm of choice pre-raid.  However, it also was the first helm in Cataclysm that has a meta gem … Continue reading

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Lessons From First Night of Raiding

Last night was the first night I got to step into a 25 man raid with my guild, Conquest. (Which we are recruiting quite a few classes so I would recommend checking them out with the link on the sidebar.)  … Continue reading

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Best Cataclysm Factions for Moonkins

In Wrath of the Lich King, they found easy ways to raise your reputation with factions whether it was tabards or relics of Ulduar.  And, thank God they did.  Remembering back from Burning Crusade where you had to run heroic … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From Redhawk’s Gaze

To you and yours, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May all your presents be epic and your feast be legendary.  To celebrate, my favorite Christmas song of all time. Combining my favorite classic Christmas singer and one of my … Continue reading

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Level 85 Moonkin PvP Spec Necessities

In our PvP division of my guild, Conquest (And yes, we are still recruiting for both our PvE and PvP divisions.), we had a new moonkin apply.  As someone who enjoys PvPing and tries to as much as possible and … Continue reading

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I Have Spirit. Yes, I Do. I Have Spirit. You Should Too.

When I made my pre-raid gear list, I mentioned the priority of stats for me.  One of the things that I mentioned was that spirit was preferred over hit for boomkins now since Balance of Power converts all of spirit to … Continue reading

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Heroic Tanking With Minimal Headaches

None of us like the queues for LFD for DPS, which the last time I checked was about 35 minutes for level 85s.  This means that the hybrid classes are trying to tank or heal.  This could lead to some … Continue reading

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