Sunday Humor: Ghostcrawler Tamable Beast

I woke up this morning and checking my Facebook after the University of South Carolina’s big win last night against Florida and saw the MMO-Champion feed this morning where they apparently have a new beast at level 85 you can tame. 

Yes, the one, the only, the greatest community manager ever (25 year game card please), Ghostcrawler is a rare, elite level 85 mob that is tamable by hunters.  The funniest of Ghostcrawler’s abilities is the “Nerfbat” which reduces your abilities “to the ground”.  However, I thought of some other awesome abilities that would be awesome for this mob to have.

– Summon Moose: When below 20% health, he summons a moose to aid him in his attacking.  After taming, he can summon a moose mount for the hunter.  All other classes scream “HUNTERS ARE OP” when you pass them on the moose mount.

– Away, Unwashed Masses: Can fear your character.  Silences, stuns, and snares all at the same time.

– On a Boat: When below 5% health, Ghostcrawler heads to the closest boat, jumps in, and starts leaving.  Must kill/tame him before he gets to the boat.

– Pally Debuff: Immune to any paladin abilities. 

– Ban Hammer:  He uses this at 1%.  If this ability is not interrupted, you will immediately be disconnected and will not be able to sign on for 3 hours on that account.

– QQ More: Makes you blind and you start emoting crying emotions.  Last 5 seconds unless you are a paladin and it last 30 minutes, but you can’t hit him anyway.

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2 Responses to Sunday Humor: Ghostcrawler Tamable Beast

  1. Vasburg says:

    I'm going to farm this bastard. lol

  2. Redhawks says:

    @VasburgYou and ever other hunter in the game. After I get my main, mage, DK, and my paladin up to level 85, which won't be until several months into the expansion, I'm gonna start leveling my hunter so I can have my own Ghostcrawler.That is not counting all the people who will kill it just for the hell of killing Ghostcrawler.

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