How NOT To Get Into a Raiding Guild

Having now been in Conquest for almost 9 months, which is my longest guild stent ever, I have seen lots of applications.  And while I’m not on the committee who decides who gets to join our raiding team or not, I have seen a lot in applications that can kill you before you even get a trial.  What I want to go through is what will kill your chances of getting into our raiding guild before you even get started in the first place.

1) Not filling out the application template – Here is an example of an app that was told to reapp correctly.  Names have been taken out to protect the guilty.

I am a 5.6k gs boomkin, I am 11/12 in ICC 10 with some HM down, I have done Blood Queen on heroic. I would love to join and hope to hear more soon. ****** is my name and I am on Nerzhul

Our guild was nice enough to tell him about the app but some raiding guilds will not be nice about it.  Why?  Because it shows inability to study and an inability to follow directions.  That is two of the worst qualities in a raider in a progression oriented raiding guild.

2) Incorrectly filling out the application template – An example:

28) Attach or link to a recent screenshot of your UI in Dalaran while you mouse over the game menu icon. Bonus: Include your raid frames. Please see the attached example: I’ll need to get back to you on that one. MY UI is broken atm due to uninstalling some things. I will take a SS once it is back to its normal format.
You know the saying you never get a second chance at a first impression.  This is a perfect example of how not to make a good impression.  Fixing a UI could literally take an hour to get it in a presentable format.  If you can’t delay applying one hour to make sure you fix your UI or you log out in your PvE gear, then you likely won’t have what it takes to make it as a progression raider.  If you can’t take time to prepare yourself when applying for a guild, you won’t take time before raiding to prepare yourself.
3) Insulting people in your application – Example:
Tell us one joke that you find hilarious (if that’s too much pressure, any joke you find funny will do). Women’s rights

Oh, the stir this caused on this guy’s app.  Once he was in the guild, we found out that this was not a joke for this guy.  He was dead serious.  He ended up insulting our feral tank, which is probably one of the reasons she ended up leaving the guild and slowed our progression down.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line between joking and insulting.  If you know the person fairly well in game, you can joke like this.  If you are apping to a raiding guild, you probably shouldn’t since you do not know these people.  He was eventually let go from the guild because of his attitude.

4) Short answers to questions on application – An example.  Be warned, this is a long one.
Main Character (include class and spec): *******
Alts (include class and spec): ******
Real First Name: ******
Age: **
Location: *****

2) Have you read the guild charter and loot council FAQ? Do you agree with them?

3) Why are you interested in joining *******?
High end raiding guild

4) If applicable, tell us why you left your last guild(s).
I server changed and im in a pvp guild now i want to be in a raiding guild

5) Do you know any current ******* members who will vouch for you? If so, nope new to the server but ive talked to ******

6) Please tell us about any previous raiding experience in WoW.
LK experience

7) Pleas tell us about any previous leadership experience in WoW.
Ive lead raids for my former guild on ***********

8) What do you want out of your playing time?
Good time and progression

9) Are you able to make all of ******** raid times (Mon, Tues, Thurs 6-9 PST) on a regular basis?

10) Are you able to listen and speak on Ventrilo?

11) Approximately what percentage of raids do you plan to attend?

12) Please describe your computer/internet setup and indicate whether you tend to have lag or connectivity issues.
No problem

13) Are you willing to occupy a bench slot (online and still available to sub in) when needed?
If its needed I will but I’d much rather be a core raider and earn the spot

14) In your opinion, what do skilled players of your class and spec contribute to 25-man raiding?
Misery high DPS some sort of healing

15) What do you, as an individual, bring to raids that distinguishes you from average players? Here’s your chance to convince us that we need YOU for our team.
I’ve read and learned everything about my class

16) If you had to name your favorite movie at the moment what would it be? Why?
Friday Night Lights

17) What mods do you use, and why do you like them?
Recount, Deadly Boss Mods, ,
Pitbull, Bartender, Quartz, Dotimer

All set-up like ***** (<3) UI in his post on *******.

18) Tell us one joke that you find hilarious (if that’s too much pressure, any joke you find funny will do).
Lol not really a joke guy kinda just a smartass sarcastic guy

19) Is there anything else you want us to consider in reviewing your application?
Nothing special just wanna be in a high end raiding guild and earn my spot

This applicant ended up being accepted into a guild by the other faction, but the point remains.  If you can’t take time to give in depth answers to an application, it shows a lack of communication, a lack of following instructions which occurs several times in this app, and a lack of caring about your ability to raid.  If you character is good, go into depth about what you bring to the table.  Short one line sentences tell us nothing about you.

5) Showing an unwillingness to learn – You can fill out an application correctly, but alot of guilds are going to want you to explain your gemming, enchants, reforging, etc.  Some want you to do it on the application.  Others may ask you after you apply.  Here is an example of what not to do:

Rogue Member of Our Guild: First things first, Which spec is your pve spec? I ask this because they are both incorrect for min/maxxing as combat, I suggest you go read up on elitist jerks if you are serious about applying.
Applicant: My second spec was an inside joke with a few friends for some PVP. My first spec is my PvE I was testing today which I recently changed from having 3 points in RS in the sub tree. You seem to think I have no idea what I’m doing, obviously you are mistaken. I’m well aware of what needs to be put in for a viable combat spec. Since the patch I’ve been testing things. Thank you for your input but I will pass on going to those forums.
First off, if you are not even willing to go to the site where pretty much all theorycrafting is done for every single class, it shows an unwillingness to learn about your class.  I visit EJ all the time to find the latest theorycrafting.  Also, you can test things, but don’t assume you are automatically correct either.  Also, if someone who is currently raiding as the same class as you tells you there is a problem, you better check it out and not insulting the person who has been raiding for a long time.
6) Not communicating back – We have had applicants who have just applied to the guild and never come back to check on their app.  The application was filled out correctly and thoroughly, but they never just came back.  Even if you are accepted by another guild, it is common courtesy to go back to the guilds you applied to and say I was accepted by another guild and I’m withdrawing my app.  Not saying that makes it look like you are burning bridges that you probably shouldn’t.  What if the guild you were accepted to collapses next week?  Guess who is not gonna take you.  The people you filled out an app with and did not communicate back with.
7) Applying for things not needed – Most raiding guilds have sites that tell you what there current needs are.  If you are a resto/balance druid and they need a feral cat, you are probably not applying to the right guild.  My guild thankfully has an open door policy.  We take exceptional recruits of any class.  (I should also mention at this time that my guild, Conquest, is currently recruiting for Cataclysm raiding and rated PvP, something we have just started.  See the link on the side.)  Just find a guild that needs a resto/balance druid and apply there.  Also, pay attention to Twitter because some guild leaders will announce on Twitter that they are recruiting.  I have seen probably 30 announcements for people recruiting for guilds on Twitter.  That is how I first applied to Conquest.  I saw @matticus put a call out for ranged DPS and I applied and got in.  I had to prove myself before I came in on progression fights, but that is what new applicants have to do. 
These are some of the major errors that I see in applicants.  Don’t do these things and you will at least get your foot in the door.  Now from there, it is up to you.  You have to perform and you have to compete.  You are going to have 9 or 24 other people who are expecting you to do your job correctly and to the best of your ability based on gear and experience.  If you do it, you will get on the raid team of your choice.
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2 Responses to How NOT To Get Into a Raiding Guild

  1. Viktory says:

    Very good post here, lots of good info for anyone applying to a guild these days. Maybe do a follow-up on what to look for from the player's perspective when searching for "the right guild"?

  2. Redhawks says:

    @ViktoryThanks for the comment and the idea. I took the idea of finding the right guild for you and ran with it for todays. Came out pretty good I think.

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