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My Cataclysm Plans – Version 1.0

Now that we are so close to Cataclysm, I have started focusing more and more on what I will be doing when Cataclysm hits.  Here is my likely list of what on my order of things in Cataclysm. 1) Druid … Continue reading

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4.0.1’s Most Annoying Bugs

As with every single patch, there is inevitably going to be bugs.  Some are minor and unnoticeable usually.  Others make you want to pull your hair out by the roots.  Here are my most annoying bugs of 4.0.1. from least … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Competition

Sometimes as people who have been raiding for a long time, we get comfortable.  Sometimes, too comfortable.  We know when it is time to raid, what to do, and do what we can.  But it also can be at times … Continue reading

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Christmas in July Contest – The Results

A couple weeks ago, I gave an update on the current results of the Christmas in July Contest.  Here were the winners of the first two questions. Cataclysm Release Date Announced (10/4/10):  Loganw (Guess was 9/23/10) Cataclysm Release Date (12/7/10): … Continue reading

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My Moonkin 4.0.1 Impressions

After only getting one blog post last week and still recovering from surgery, I am finally back and will be updating back on a normal schedule.  The first thing I want to tackle now that I’m back is my impressions … Continue reading

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Little Surprises of 4.0.1

Blizzard decided that the day I got into surgery would be a very good day to release the patch 4.0.1 to the live servers.  While I have been at my parent’s house recovering from surgery, I got to play around … Continue reading

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Redhawkenomics – My Attempts at Auction House Playing and Market Manipulation

So, I broke down and with the news of guild chat, I decided to go ahead and get the remote AH.  Plus, it will be handy when I’m leveling and not at my computer to get rid of all the … Continue reading

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