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Extra Emblems of Frost? How to Make Some Tasteful Purchases and Prepare for Cataclysm

As we come to the end of Wrath and the end of another Tier of raiding, I am having a real question come up for the first time.  What to do with all of these extra Emblems of Frost?  Since … Continue reading

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World of Blizzard – What Does Starcraft II Mean for WoW?

 Cat Depiction of a Zerg Rush I, like so many of my fellow World of Warcraft players, picked up Starcraft II yesterday. (Actually, I had the Collector’s Edition sent to me by Amazon.)  I have not had a chance to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Armor Sets (a.k.a Nailed It)

When they announced hero and valor points replacing badges a few months ago, I talked about the possibility of bringing back pre-raid tier gear, which was known at one time as the dungeon armor sets.  Well, it appears that this … Continue reading

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Sunday Humor: Top 5 Blizzcon Wishes

With the announcement of the Blizzcon internet stream, my opportunity to watch Blizzcon this year has finally opened up.   Besides the in game pet, I like to think about what could be coming from Blizzcon this year.  Here are my … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Redhawk’s Gaze

If you are a long time reader of my blog, I’m sure you have noticed the first of many changes on this site.  The first thing you will have noticed is the new design.  A little darker colors with a starry background to … Continue reading

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Aggro – How Much of An Issue Is It Still?

With Wrath of the Lich King, the focus was taken away from the use of CC and into more complex strategies for bosses.  One of the things that is occasionally overlooked in all of this is aggro management.  But in … Continue reading

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My Pre-Cataclysm Raid Achievements Bucket List

I’m sure with more and more coming out about Cataclysm every single day, we are thinking about what are the things we still have left in this expansion that we would like to get done.  I personally feel we will … Continue reading

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