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The Casual Player – A Guest Blog by The Samsaric Warrior

First off I would like to take a moment to thank Redhawks for giving me this opportunity to guest blog. With that said I would now like to talk on the subject of “The Casual Player”. Now I know there … Continue reading

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Starting Over, Building a New UI from Scratch – A Guest Blog Post from Natrii at Natriicraft

The User Interface or the UI as it is commonly known is the core of your player expense in World of Warcraft.  Most of us have come to know that our basic Blizzard UI is far under par for anything … Continue reading

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The Major Moonkin Problem – Moving

As my guild is getting into 25 man HMs, there seems to be one overriding fact that I’m getting in each of the fights. Movement. More specific, how to move and keep DPS high. This is somewhere moonkins do not … Continue reading

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Site News – New Domain, WoWCentric, and Thanks

I have just a few exciting announcements to tell you about the blog. First, do you hate having to type out all those extra characters for Blogspot stuff to reach Redhawk’s Gaze?  Well, now, you no longer have to.  I … Continue reading

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Sickness and WoW – When to Sign Out for the Night

Well, I took a couple days off from blogging and WoW because I got a cellulitis infection in my left leg.  So I had to keep it propped up in order to help heal.  I really don’t get sick that … Continue reading

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Patch 3.3.5 and Other WoW News – A.K.A Catching Up

Last week, I had the inspiration for the emblem and gearing new 80s articles that I completely neglected a bunch of WoW news.  So, for the first post this week, I wanted to just go through some of the major … Continue reading

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Emblem Gear for the New Level 80 Part 3: The Bear Tank

We have arrived to part 3 of the series about gearing up a new level 80 with nothing but Emblems of Triumph or lower.  This time, I’m gonna focus on my offspec, which is a feral bear tank.  A few … Continue reading

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