A PUG’s Guide to Joining Guild Raids

We have had it happen all the time or another. You get in a raid and learn that it is a guild run and they need to fill some of the spots.  We had that happen last night.  We couldn’t get a guild run of ICC 25 man due to sign outs and so we PUGed a few spots in the raid.  While I’m happy to have you in our guild run, there are a few rules that I think PUGs should live by if they are filling out the spots in the raid.  I call it a PUG’s Guide to Joining Guild Raids.

1) Get In Vent – Nothing annoys me more than being in a raid and not having everybody in vent. Some raids I don’t care about.  ToC 25 man can be done with nobody in vent.  It is not that difficult.  Same thing for VoA, OS, and Malygos.  However, if we are going to Ulduar or ICC, everybody should be in vent.  It is just common courtesy.  Even with some of the raids that I mentioned, if the raid leader says for people to get in vent, you get in vent.

2) Come Prepared – While asking for flask maybe too much to ask for some PUGs, you should at least come with reagents for your buffs.  While I don’t mind doing it, it gets annoying for another person in the same class to ask me to buff because they forgot their reagents.  Not only come with reagents, but come prepared by knowing the fights.  While I don’t expect you to know my guild’s strategy for fights,  you should know the general mechanics.

3) Guild Run = Guild Strategy and Guild Loot Rules – My guild has tested methods for each boss fight in ICC with the exception of LK, which is our progression. (But let’s be honest, how many guilds are gonna bring PUGs to LK)  We have downed every boss in ICC except LK.  I don’t care if your guild stacks up all in the center for Saurfang.  You are in a guild run so you go by our strategy.  If you don’t like it, leave.  We can easily find another person to replace you.  Same thing for loot.  If we say one MS, one OS, and one token per run, that is the rules.  If nobody wants something, you may have a chance to get it.  I got the Sack of Wonder last night for my tank set because nobody wanted it.

4) Keep Your Mouth Shut (Or Your Fingers Away From Raid Chat) – I don’t care if you think that the slime kiter in Rotface should always be a paladin or a DK.  Our druid tank has kited the slimes more times than you can imagine.  Think of guild runs as going to a person’s house for dinner.  You may think the painting on the wall is incredibly ugly, but you are in no place to criticize it in front of them.  Say it is nice and shut your mouth.

5) Wiping Does Not Equal Raid is Done – Do you not want to come back and raid with us ever again as a PUG?  Leave after the first wipe.  I dare you. PUGs by nature are not always the best raiders.   Why would I make that statement?  Because if they were good raiders, they would be in a guild that raids ICC and they wouldn’t be hoping for some guild to take them along out of necessity.  Some are in 10 man guilds which is understandable.  As a general rule, I give a PUG raid 5 wipes or until the group disbands.  And that is 5 wipes without downing a boss.  If you can’t get Northrend Beasts down in 5 wipes in normal ToC, you probably aren’t going to get too far.  If we can get  the first boss down, I will usually stay until the end of the group disbands.  Maybe I have more patience than others, but I think leaving after one wipe is kind of tasteless.

6) Shut Up About Gearscore – I don’t care if you think my Gearscore is too low.  Let me give you an example.  Last week, we did a guild run of 25 man ToC.  I asked to come on my mage, which had just hit 80 so I was not geared yet.  One of the PUG retribution paladins complained that my Gearscore was too low after the first wipe.  The problem is I did almost as much DPS as he did even with a substantially lower Gearscore.  I brought this up to him and he promptly shut up about it.  In addition, this retribution pally died every single fight while I was alive for all the fights when we beat them.  You complain about my Gearscore and I will just embarrass you, if need be, to the whole raid.

7) General Manners Go A Long Way – All these are things that annoy me to no end, but you want to know how to really get me angry at you.  Make a racist, sexist, or other inappropriate remark.  An example from last night was our druid tank was trying to get everybody ready to pull.  She is a female and is incredibly nice from my interactions over vent.  One of the asshole PUGs decided to make a comment along the following lines: “Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen cooking dinner.”   Now the other raid leader called him out on it immediately, which I’m grateful for.  However, there is no place for this in any raid.  Especially if you are a PUG in the raid.  It is one thing for guild members to joke around because we know who is joking and who is not.  However, if you are in our vent and make a comment like that, that would be an almost immediate kick from me if I was the raid leader.  The other thing is when a PUG member puts in all caps that they need a certain buff.    We are getting the buffs we can.  And if you still need a buff, just say it normally in raid chat.  No reason to yell in chat or on vent that you need a buff.

I don’t like to quote other WoW people, but there is somebody at the end of The Instance podcast called Mr. Manners.  He has some of the best advice I have heard on how to handle yourself politely, like a human being should.  I would recommend some PUGs going to listen to that.

8) Do Not Post Damage Meters Unless Asked – Sometimes, especially when you are PUGing people, you may have a legitimate DPS issue that needs to be addressed.  The raid leaders are running meters just like you.  There is no reason for you to post them.  If the raid leader wants to post them, they will.  Otherwise, don’t show off. 

9) If You Are Asked to Leave, Leave Quietly – Sometimes, guilds overestimates a PUG’s ability to perform.  If we have a guild member who comes on in that time who we know can do more DPS, healing, or can tank better, don’t be offended if we ask you to leave.  Don’t go to trade chat and complain because it only makes you look bad.  Thank them for their time and for taking you and leave it at that.

10) If You Have A Question, Ask – There is no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid wipes.  If you are not certain about something, I would rather you ask the question up front versus causing a wipe to the raid with what you think is correct.  If you have questions about strategy, loot, etc., just ask.  It can’t hurt to ask to clarify something.   

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