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Game Based Movies – Why the Warcraft Movie Will Likely Suck.

. This weekend, one of my favorite games had its movie adaptation released.  The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is probably in my top 10 action platformers of all time.  Will I go see the movie?  Probably not.  Why … Continue reading

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Remote AH App Beta – A Raider’s Perspective

The economy of WoW is something that has never really interested me.  I am a raider and pretty much only have time for that.  I go and buy enchants or gems on the AH.  Maybe put a vanity pet on … Continue reading

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A PUG’s Guide to Joining Guild Raids

We have had it happen all the time or another. You get in a raid and learn that it is a guild run and they need to fill some of the spots.  We had that happen last night.  We couldn’t … Continue reading

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A Multi-Boxer’s Plea to Blizzard

I was looking at MMO Champion and I saw a blue post comment that kind of ticked me off just a little bit.  Here is the quote: Multi-Boxing There’s no support for multi-boxing on our end. We tolerate it. For … Continue reading

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Dungeons and Cataclysm – Return to Awesomeness

This past weekend, I was running Stratholme on my mage solo to try and farm Runecloth for tailoring.  It was the first time I had run it on my mage, which even at level 80 was difficult.  While most other … Continue reading

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Recommendations for the New WoW Player

Everybody remembers that first time they logged on to WoW.  Not knowing what to expect and what would happen next.  All you know is that somebody is standing in front of you with a giant yellow exclamation mark over their … Continue reading

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Hit and Gear for Moonkins – Tit for Tat

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I always try to have my gear list in front of me for whatever role I’m playing.  Now that I have an IPad, this is even easier.  I like to give props to … Continue reading

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